The foundation of Direct Hire Associates' success in matching great people with excellent companies is our relationships. In today's era of the online job boards and other faceless attempts to fill open positions, we invest in developing personal relationships with Employers and Job Candidates. Over 80% of our searches come from existing contacts and our clients clearly benefit from our relationships that span all of Southern California.

Direct Hire has been instrumental in assisting us with finding the right employees. Their recruiter visited our office and inquired about our business in order to have a better idea of who would be qualified to work for our company. They made our job easier."
- COO, Insurance Company

Our Associates are passionate about helping people obtain excellent positions. Our commitment to the highest level of service is exemplified by:

Expertise:Companies know us as experts in finding, screening and delivering the best candidates available in today's market. Candidates know us as experts at facilitating their career goals. Through the years, we have built a vast network of contacts and in-depth knowledge of the keys to making successful, long-term matches.

Consistency:Our approach to client service involves the same Associate personally handling your search from inception through completion. This single point of contact ensures consistency in communication, expectations and focus from beginning to end.

Communication:We are highly accessible and responsive to our clients and candidates. While email, texting and technology are great, we believe that there is no substitute for live conversations. Our Associates, by reading between the lines, add a great deal of value to the hiring equation for clients and candidates alike.

Vision:We recognize the number of waking hours professionals spend at their jobs and the importance of liking what you do every day. Direct Hire Associates was founded in 2006 to help employees find jobs they truly love and to help employers enjoy their staff. The job market will continue to go through many cycles, but Direct Hire Associates’ vision will remain constant; matching great people with excellent companies.

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